March 22, 2011

Beading "Organization"

If you truly love to make SteamPunk inspired ornaments or other types of jewelry, the only way you'll be successful is through organization. All my jewelry making supplies are sorted into these compartment boxes. The top box holds my findings, bails, clasp, chains, ring and hair clip blanks.

The bottom box holds my pendants, lost earrings, old jewelry for remakes, and vintage inspired beads.
I have whole compartment boxes for each color scheme. Here in the blue box, is a assortment of vintage glass, ceramic and costume jewelry beads. On the right side where you see a larger compartment, I use that space for the "plastic" beads.
This box is still in the works. I'm using it for warm colors. But this could change as I "sort" more of my stash... ;)
"Pink" is \probably my favorite box. The left side is all my plastic pink beads, great for a last minute little girl Crown. A majority of the other beads are from taken from old jewelry when I made this Bracelet.
Just some bezels and trinkets for future soldering projects. Now that I'm into soldering, I think I'm going to need a bigger box! :)
Here is my wire wrapping box. In here I store all my birds nest pendants, wire wrapped rings, mini crowns, little odd ball crafts. Some are for fun, some to keep on hand for a surprise gift or for custom orders.
More goodies to solder and make into SteamPunk treasures. If you sort your items clearly, you'll have a better mind for creating later.
These are not all my beads. The seed beads are the hardest to store because they are so tiny and scatter easily. I save little canisters and tubes just for them, and then keep them in a hand held scrapbook tote. I would love to hear your idea's in how you store your SteamPunk and jewelry making supplies!


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