Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby Boy Crown

I'm really happy to announce that I just started working with The Robins nest!
They have a beautiful selection of scrapbook papers, embellishments, bling and of course glittery paper!
Today's theme is "Baby Boy", so I decided to make a Birthday Crown!
To make this crown, you will need the following...
  1. Crown template. I traced mine from a party store crown and just altered it along the way to suit my style. When making extra long templates, I find generic poster paper works well.
  2. Favorite tacky glue. I used Aleene's clear tacky glue. I like how it dries really strong.
  3. Scissors, pen, loose glitter, and mini glue dot's.
  4. 1- 12x12 double sided sheet Glitter Boy Star
  5. 1 - Glittered blue cardstock (extra thick!)
  6. Baby Boy Dew Drops
  7. Velvet Ribbon
Begin by tracing your template onto the paper.
You will need to trace this in two part since the template is longer than 12x12.
Cut crown strips out, align them and secure with the glue.
Add a line of glue along the top part of the crown and spread evenly with your finger.
Don't worry, the glue is non toxic.
Sprinkle your glitter onto the glue, over a dish or bowl.
I also used a spoon to help sprinkle the glitterevenly and press onto any open glue spots.
To apply the velvet trim, you don't want to use too much glue or it may seep through the velvet. Just dot the glue along the base of the crown, then bit by bit, add the trim, pressing down evenly to ensure a good hold.
What I love about this collection of Dew Drops is that it's an assortment of all the drops the Robins Nest sells.
Diamonds, tear drops, and dew beads.
Each little bottle contains just under 300 Dew Drops for all your crafting needs!
They are addicting!
To apply them to the crown, I just put them directly onto the tiny glue dots, pressed down and with my finger under the sheet, rolled the tear drop off.
I cut little diamonds from the glittered cardstock and added to the crown with the tacky glue.

This crown not only makes a 1st Birthday party special,
but can also add to the decor in a Baby Boy's room!

I hope you have enjoyed this craft of mine. Next week, the theme is Baby Girl, and let me tell's so pretty and pink! Please Visit the Robin's Nest Blog for other idea's.


lavendarrose29 said...

This is so cute. I think my eight year old son would totally rock this

Debby said...

What fun. I can't wait to see all your ideas using Robin's Nest drops. I have so many I don't know what to do with them all.

Linda said...

What a great idea...Nice piece. I will check out Robins Nest Blog.


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