Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Faerie Gardens part 4

This week for my Faerie Gardens tutorial, I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite things. These books are from my personal collection and I often turn to them for new inspiration.
Last year I used this "Fairy Tree House" book in this delightful post here.
I found it by accident on amazon while looking for something entirely different! I love all the doll house like compartments. - "Fairy tree House", written by Saviour Pirotta, Illustrated by Susanna Lockheart.
" Field Guide to Fairies" - written by Susannah Marriott.
This is a beautiful pop up book with wonderful folk lore, and vintage photos.
The pop up below is titled, "Fairy Rings"

My favorite book. "Faeries" written/illustrated by Brian Froud and Alan Lee. From pencil drawings to life like water colors. Wonderful descriptions and poetry, Faeries of all kinds."How to draw and paint Fairies" by Linda Ravenscroft.
I can't draw people, but I can draw Faeries. And this book has some fun idea's and tips for clothing, setting and accessories. Very easy to follow, and fun to browse through!

I recently acquired the next 2 books from Dyllan's school book fair. I could not resist! "The Book of Faeries" written/illustrated by Heather Dakota, is filled with informative folklore, interactive pockets and flaps with in the book , revealing secret tid bits. The back compartment comes with a extra special treat... fine faerie dust, a magical faerie pendant and sparklingly pouch of dried rose petals.
"Mischief Makers" written by Heather Dakota, Illustrated by Dan Jankewski, is the same style book but mainly about Goblins and things. In the back compartment is a leather pouch with magic stones and gold coins!
If you love beautiful (vintage) art work, then " Dulac's Fairy Tale Illustrations" is sure to delight you! Each page in the book is a plate taken from stories ranging from Sleeping Beauty, Blue beard, The Mermaid, to the "Fire Bird" and more!
I have had "The Court of Flora" by J.J. Grandville, since I was little. It's a treasured book of all the "Original Flower" Faeries.
"Fairies & Angels" by Nancy Rosin, is a great book of vintage clip art to use in your creations. Perfect for scrapbooks and fabric transfer crafts.
"120 Great Fairy Paintings" - Royalty free designs. I love just looking at all these images. They are taken from story books and original paintings. So beautiful and amazing!
"Into the Woods" adapted and illustrated by Hudson Talbot., Stephen Sondheim and James lapine.All your favorite stories with charming images to match.
"The Magic Costumes" by Jamie Lehrer, illustrated by Tracey Morgan. I love that this is a pop up interactive story with rainbow sparkle faerie wings! It is sure to be any child or adults favorite faerie tale!
Hilda Boswell's "Treasury of Children's Stories" (1971) is my most favorite because it's my first Faerie tale book. The stories are so dreamy and whimsical. And I love all the illustrations. Some of my favorite stories in this book are still, - "The Story of Fairy Foot", "The Real Princess", "Through the Fire", "prince Zevin and the King of Genii", and..."The Snow Child"
So there you have a peek into my Faerie inspirations! What are your Faerie Tale inspirations?
The giveaway this week will be some vintage Faerie clip art. Please comment here and on the other Faerie garden post (see to the right below "followers")
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