Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Faerie Gardens part 5 - Terrariums

Terrariums are not just for live plants. You can use them to make little indoor Faerie gardens too! I bought this little ruffled glass bowl at Walmart for a mere .97 cents!
The Styrofoam was leftover packing material, or you can buy it at any place that sells craft supplies, same for the dried moss.
We all have oodles and oodles of assorted clip art and toothpicks, right?
And pretty shiny, sparkly trim and filler is also easy to come by.
Scissors, tacky glue and tape. Can you tell how easy this craft is?
So begin by trimming your Styrofoam piece till if fits in the base of the bowl or other container you might be using. Cover the sides with glue first and apply the moss, holding in place till set. The adhear the moss to the top.
Plop you moss covered Styrofoam into your container and begin on the Faeries or other decorations. If the pieces are small like these, you are fine to just tape the toothpicks to the backs of the cut out clip art. If the piece you want to display is larger or taller, you'll want to glue the clip art onto thin card board, (cracker boxes) and then cut out, so the image is reenforced and won't flop over in the container.
Your images should insert into the Styrofoam or moss easily. Then you can sprinkle your pixie dust, add some shiny filler and even decorate the outside of the jar!
I'm not really good at mailing breakable things so this weeks giveaway will be the same clip art I used, moss, tooth picks, pixie dust and filler. Leave a comment here for a chance to win and visit the last 4 weeks of posting (see right side bar near the top) - leave a message on them too, so you increase your chances to win all 5 weeks of Faerie Garden gifts!
Happy Creating and Good Luck!
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