Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Studio Art Festival!

~ On June 7th, I met up with Kathryn Sanders who is a fellow Goddess of Craft and designer of beautiful hand crafted purses on etsy with a shop called Camellia Designs.
If you have not seen her stuff...you really need to! She's a real sweetheart and her creations are so perfectly made. Check out her handbags...my favorite of hers is the one called
White with Pink and Green Floral Handbag ~ I even love how she does up the inside!
Ok, ok, enough about her. I was let on about this art festival from a friend, Anne who is in my craft group. She's here from the U.K.. Her hubby is working over here now and with Anne not being able to work here, what's a girl to do but take jewlery making classes at the Irvine Fine Arts Center!
~ Great minds think and shop alike!
While Katherine bought a beautiful knitted purse, I bought this quaint ribboned brooch!

~ Now we both were getting hungry, so how about a ice cream sundae? And we get to keep the bowl? Even better!
I got my ice cream in this one...only $6!

~ Love the colors...

~ It was soooo hard to choose, and they had two tables to pick from!
All different shapes, sizes and colors.

~ I picked out one more bowl...this one. Even though the design was meant to be a leaf, we both agreed it looked like a bird...my weakness.

~ last, at the felted purse booth where Kathryn got two purses, I picked out this felted rose.
I love it!

~So that's one adventure. 12 more waiting to be posted. I'm kinda behind because I have a big project that I'm devoting most of my late night energy too.
Ta Ta for now!


Anonymous said...

ooo... what a cool idea... ice cream and a bowl to keep! very cool.... haha cool get it? looks like you had a blast!

katydiddy said...

Great wrap-up of the festival-wish I could have attended with you guys. Anything involving ice cream is good in my book!

CalicoDaisy said...

Now that's the way to get ice cream, and affordable, too! I love pottery bowls. -- Michele

camelliadesigns said...

Thank you for all the kind words. Was a very interesting event and the ice cream bowls were such fun! Mine has turned into the cat's special treats bowl. She claimed it the second I got home! Was definitely inspired by all the felted bags, have already made 2 since the festival.


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