Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"The Dance"

On January 27, 2008, an invitation was posted on this blog
and The Theater Troupe was formed.
The Theater Troupe is a collaborative group of artisans who have endeavored to participate in an exhibition of toy fashion theaters,
Theater Des Modes.A slide show presentation of all the Toy Theaters can be seen here!
The following 23 Artists participated in this extraordinary event!
Cindy (Rella) Gauthier, Barbara Smith, Betzie Smith,
Amarie Hill, Catherine Moore, Cynthia Papenfus,
Dawn Marie Lippincott, Denise Nelson, Jackie Peters,
Jennifer Pearson Vanier, Karen Langlie, Kristy Cokayne,
Linda Warner, Lisa Guerin, Mary Ann McKeating,
Michelle Cummings, Pat Rogerson, Rande Hanson,
Rima St. John, Robin Bartolette, Rose Williams,
Sara Hanlon, Terri Gauthier.
The following pictures show you the "making" of my Theater...
Please click on any photo for yummy close up details!
I won this cage and bird at Brian's Holiday work party last year.
I carefully removed a front piece and sponge painted it with silver paint.
This inside card divider image was taken from a art book I borrowed from the library. Please click on it for a close up to see the subtle detail I added to the little chandeliers...
Per chance while browsing the clearance books at a local book store, I found a
I glittered up every one's costumes and even hand sewed material and trim to make up Marie's dress! I colored her hair in with a fabric marking pencil .
I made the chandelier from 2 felt ornaments that I got from a $1 bin a Michaels Craft store.

The back of the Theater shows a place behind the curtain for Marie to rest.
Those are her children waiting to enjoy tea and pastries near the fire place.
All the paper dolls are mounted to a single magnet, so they may be moved around.

~ I did not permanently adhere anything in place as I now have a place to show off future paper doll art for any festive occasion!
Hope you enjoyed "The Dance"!


LiLi M. said...

This theater is wonderful!! You did such an amazing job and thanks for explaining all your secrets! I love all theaters!! When my craftroom is finished I hope to make one too, thanks for inspiration!

Buffi said...

It's even better than you described! Great job, Michelle.

Babsarella said...

Your theater is AMAZING! Love your cool and totally unique idea. I had the hardest time with mine, and am not real happy with the outcome. I really needed to think more 'outside the box', but you certainly knew how to accomplish that. BRAVO!!!!

Rosemary said...

Hi Michelle,
It's amazing. I love it.
You did an awesome job. You should be very proud.
Sorry I haven't visited you in awhile. I have been really busy doing art myself.
Thanks so much for sharing,

CalicoDaisy said...

Great job! I can tell you had a lot of un with that and paid close attention to the details. Thanks for telling me about it.
-- Michele

MamaSheg said...

Wow, this is the coolest looking theater. It's so wonderful!!


kawaii crafter said...

Michelle, it looks great! I really like how you created the chandelier, very resourceful and creative.

Going check out the slide show now.

Julie O. said...

Wow, wow, wow!! This is truly AMAZING!!! Great job!

Teresa Bettenhauser said...

I saw it in person at Michelle's house and it really is fantastic work!!

Debby said...

This is off the charts. What detail and beauty. Great job Michelle.

Judy said...

Fantastic! You are so creative.

I have tagged you. Visit my blog to see the tag. Hope you will take part, but it not, that's okay.

Judy said...

This is amazing! You did a wonderful job! Catherine Moore is a favorite of mine! Love her papers and stamps!

Lene said...

Sooo beautiful, Michelle!

katydiddy said...

This is wonderful Michelle! Incredible-amazing! I can't wait to see it in person today.

Scrappy Jessi said...

i just got home from my vacay!!
im catching up on emails!!
this is stunningly fabulous!!!
love love love it!!


Heather Grow said...

Wow. You are one talented artist. This is amazing. My niece likes it too.

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