Thursday, June 26, 2008

Glacier Point and Bridaveil Falls

~ Day two, Thursday, May 29th. To see Wed's post, go here.

After a hearty breakfast in the Camp Curry cafeteria, we packed up and head out by car up to Glacier Point. Brian and his Dad were planning on hiking down Four mile trail, but when the rains started earlier in the week, it caused a rock slide and trapped hikers that had to be air lifted out. So we all just puttered around, taking in the glorious views and letting Dyllan play in some snow since we were so high up! 7,214 ft!

~ Mommy and Dyllan stopping for a snack.
~ This little guy wanted some of Dyllan's goldfishies!
~ Down, down, down below Dyllan, lies Camp Curry. And in the older days, they used to set off the Fire Falls off Glacier Point for the camp goers of Curry Village nightly during summer hours.

GrandPa Jim...

~ Playing in the snow!

~ On the way down from Glacier Point, we stopped off at
Bridaveil Falls. The falls are 620 ft tall and flows year around.

~ Dyllan took this photo of the 3 of us with his little camera!
So here we are going into the tunnel from the other side...
~ Inside the tunnel with the windows up and vents closed since the car fumes are kinda thick.
~Coming out to see the view of Yosemite Falls...
~ Here they are near the tunnel opening adding rock steps to be part of a new hiking trail.
~ Chilly in the cabin, I think Dyllan looks so cute in the red hat!
~ All tuckered out!
~ Twilight is quite possibly my favorite time of the night, any night.
~ Brian and his Dad made a midnight run back to Bridaveil falls for some night shots.
Here's one of them.
Please check back for Friday's photo's which show what I did with my day off, and Saturdays fun at the Sugar Pine Express!


Melissa M said...

Love all the scenary pictures. The picture of Brian sitting down, is that a camera with a Large lense that he is holding onto in his lap? If so, I bet he gets some great pictures.

Buffi said...

I'm so jealous you got up to Glacier Pt. It was still when we visited. :*( I've been twice now and never gotten up there.

dede warren said...

I love seeing your photos and remembering our trip there last year. AND my daughter just left for Yosemite this morning herself! Small world.

Alison Gibbs said...

What a wonderful vacation spot


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