Saturday, February 21, 2009

10,000 Dreams

For my Birthday, I recieved this book and relaxing lotion from my Sister in law Genny. Such a fun read!

Brian and Dyllan gave me the 2nd DVD of the Fantastic 4, (a really fun flick!) and Dyllan went on a $5 shopping spree at Michaels and bought me 5 fun craft items!
I love when he does stuff like this because I know he's really putting thought into what I'd like!

Laura, gave me a subscription to Hallmark Magazine, Breakfast at Tiffany's DVD, and two sparkely crown ornaments!
~ Melodi gave me the beautiful gold bracelet and my friend Kimber enabled me to be
up to date with technology with my very own mp3 player. I was the only one at the Scrapbook retreat last winter trying to listen to my casette walkman. Not anymore!

Pam, gave me a cute Valentine kit... Thanks Pam!

Teresa gave me some spending money for the Scrapbook expo and some flowering teas. Which comes in an amazing container to which she knew I would love. She was right!
That's all for now...I'll have more to share late tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great Sunday!

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