Monday, February 2, 2009


I went to CHA last Tuesday and had a wonderful day!
The above photo is of my *New* bussiness cards I made just in time for the show!
Yes, that's me!
I made them the size of a ATC and really added some glitz. I passed out quite a bit and even attached some of my small nest charms to which I passed out to a few people as my way of saying thanks for inspiring me.
To name a few who got one...Tim Holtz, Lisa Guerin, Jenny Doh... and a few other kindred souls.

~ Here I am with my friend Debi Voris.
I came as her guest and we watched a demo of Prima's new Hybrid digital mini books.
I'm not much for digital scrapbooking but after seeing the demo, we both agreed the kit was a
~ Did you notice that I was wearing a new tiara?
This is it. I made it in time for the show.
If you check back on or before Feb, 13th, you may have a chance to win one just like it in my Birthday Give-away!

~Isn't she cute? That's Merlene, a fellow FiskateerShe was helping out at the booth, "playing" with all the new product and tools!
Speaking of new product... we spoke, they listened! Fiskars came out with paper punches and cooridinating stamps! How cool is that!

~ I made this at the Stampington Booth with none other than Lisa Guerin.
She is so sweet and such a caring person. We had a blast chit-chatting and creating!

~ Next, I had the pleasure of meeting Suze Weinberg.
I'm always forgetting her last name so I always call her "Utee-Suze" in my mind!
Fit's don't it?
I took notes on her demo's and just admired her amazing ability.
Look what she made for me!
~ I waited and waited...and waited to do the demo with Tim Holtz
But alas none for me. It looked uber fun though!

~ Here are some fun freebies I snagged!
~Some "inspirations I happened to catch with my camera....
~ last year brought home too many catalogs, some I never ordered from!
This year I was more picky.

Here I am with some of my Fiskateer gals...
Michelle, Anita and Merlene

~More choice catalogs...

~ Along the way, I met up with my dear friend Laura of Katydiddys
Here we are in front of a beautiful glittered tree at the Martha Stewart booth.

~ Did you notice my apron?
It's the same one I made for my Scrapbook Retreat last fall.
Only it's never done and I call it my "Apron in Progress".
I used a vintage rinestone pin that is also a pendant for the top.
I sewed it onto the apron, but since it was so heavy, I also pinned it through to my shirt!

~ I did a serous double take at the Jolee's booth! I'd never have guessed that they would start doing jewelry! The only place that is selling their line now is Michaels craft.
Jolee's who does the dimensional stickers that we all love to add to our paper crafting has now joined with Swarovski so we can make stunning jewerly too!
Don't you love the earrings I made?
~ The below necklace was too beautiful...and oh , all those sparkely jewels!
~ Here is the bottom portion of my "Apron in Progress"...

~ More eye candy!

~ Here I am with another Fiskateer friend, Genevieve!

~ Look at these beautiful Crowns!

~ And Yummy* felt Cupcakes!
~Oooh! and check out this new line by Darcie's!
Of course, anything with wings wins me over in a heartbeat!
Their new line is not even on the website, yet, but it's all so cute!

~ Glittered Birds and nest in Martha's glittered tree.

~ check out these fancy paper decorated Bra's!
What a clever idea!

~ Here's some fun from Claudine Hellmuth!
~ So over all, it was a blissful day...
I made many make and takes, got a few promotional freebies, made oodles of new crafting friends and I only got lost 3 times.
The first was finding a bathroom.
The 2nd was finding someplace to eat that was not over run with smokers. - I finally found a out door court with some warming sun to sit in.
I also made small talk with a lady who came to eat in my sun, but either she was not a "talker" or she was eyeing my delicious (from home) sandwich over her $8 tortilla wrap.
Later...on my 3rd time getting lost , this time looking for the way I came in to go out...I passed a frozen yogurt cart and treated my self to the most refreshing strawberry swirl softserve.
It was so good! For one 'brief' moment I thought of taking a pic to show you all, cause it truly was beautiful, but alas, I only had one free hand and it was holding the cone.
Maybe next time.


calicodaisy said...

Wow! I know you had fun. I love all the flower art and the jewelry you photographed. So pretty. The tiara looks great. -- Michele

Barb - Fiskateer #2975 said...

Thank you for sharing all the photos! It is nice to see the metal work and glittery things that aren't paper!
PS - happy almost birthday!

maddy hill said...

oh wow love this post ! what fun you had you lucky lucky girl and thanks for taking all those fab piccies and sharing them - you really cought some gems !

merlene said...

You did get around Michelle, so much to see and do in one day. It was fun seeing it all again through your eyes or should I say camera lens! TFS

Heather Grow said...

Thanks for the updates. I'm impressed that you only got lost 3 times. All those wonderful booths would have made my head spin. I love your business card.

lisa said...

Thanks for sharing your CHA adventure Michelle....
It was so nice to meet you and also have fun creating art!
Think Good Thoughts

katydiddy said...

Great photos from the show Michelle.

Suze said...

you cute little devil you....I think I need to go on a diet !!!
I love the pendant I made you...I must remember to make one for myself ! Your blog is positively fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Now that's how to do a recap!

HeatherQ said...

Looks like so much fun! Beautiful stuff!

Miss Creative said...

Wow Michelle looks like you had a blast! I love the Jolee earrings you made I am starting to get into jewelry making so I will have to check them out in Michaels! Thanks for sharing!

Kay said...

Thank you so much for sharing your CHA adventure. I'm so glad to have found your site. This is my first time and I love it! The tiara is fabulous! Do you have instructions somewhere on making them?
Look forward to reading about and seeing more of your work.
Thanks again!

Sara said...

Oh! I am so jealous...I would LOVE to hang out with you and the rest of the gals like

MamaSheg said...

Love all your pics from CHA! Looks like so much fun. I hope to go one of these days. Thanks for sharing. XOXO

Dawn said...

Looks like you had a blast!!

... Paige said...

My goodness, so much to see, so much to do, so much to want.

Thank for sharing your fun and good time

Judy said...

OMG! I guess I am going to start saving my $$$ so I can go to CHA! Great pics, Michelle!! Thanks for sharing!!

Tami B. said...

A completely wonderful CHA post. I love everything you shared and it looks like you did some fabulous make and takes. Your new card is amazing!

faerie enchantment said...

I know you had to have fun at the show, look at all that eye candy you posted, thanks for sharing them!
Magic and Joy!

Mar said...

what a fun day!
i know i am little late in joining in with the fun
but it was new for me

oh funny
partie is my secure word!


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