Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Daily Chuck

My friend Buffi, got me hooked on a blog by Heather Armstrong.

If you get offended easily, then don't visit her site, ...
...but if you like the blunt truth of life and and need a "real" good laugh once in a while...then go.
I love the "Daily Chuck"
and Heathers humor is just great.
Be sure to go Here to read about Heather.
It will explain everything.


Donna Layton said...

OMG....I just spent a long time at her website. Very funny!

Buffi said...

Love the Chuck!

jen t. said...

hi michelle , thanks for visiting my blog! my memory-works site does take paypal.thanks for your interest in our great products! i just got jenni bowlin stuff(under new cha stuff on the mw site) in too! i love your blog ...i will be back soon! ttysd! jen t.


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