Comic Con 2009!

Well Comic Con was a blast! Dyllan and I went down to my Dad's in Chula Vista on the 25th till the 28th. On Sunday, we took the trolley (10 min. from my Dad's house) to the San Diego convention center.

( here I am, wearing pink. To match my pink back pack, shoes and tiara I made)
After checking in, we met up with some friends that had been there the whole time. Of course since I arrived with a very cute Captain Rex, we mostly zeroed in on Star Wars!
~ Please by all means click on ALL the photo's for better detail!~

~Yes it was crowded, and if I did not have Dyllan, I might have had more patience moving through the masses of people. But on the other hand, I like crowds. I like to people watch. And boy were there people to watch and take pics of!

~ Dyllan with the "Hulk", and a life sized Captain Rex,

~Dyllan with a Captain Rex made entirely of lego's
and posing with a Biker Scout Storm Trooper

~ a life sized Ashoko and Anakin

~Dyllan with Obi-Wan and two very convincing characters

Two cute super hero ready to save the day...Dyllan and Corbin

I have no idea who these people were..but I thought their costumes were clever!

Doesn't he look realistic?
And as for this Wonder Woman, I knew it! I could have sworn she was the same chick from "Confessions of a Super Hero" Jennifer Gerht, and I was right...went online and checked out her my space. She had another girl with her, her room mate (super girl-Michelle) but the angle was bad so I cropped her out...-If you have not seen this movie, please do so. You can watch the trailer here. It seems she is doing well since the movie was made. Good for her!

Dyllan had no fear of the scary guys, and loved posing with the Mario brothers. (um...girls!)

More crowds and Dawn playing the part.

Here is Dyllan and his friend Ian hanging with bloody chain saw chick and super dead zombie girl.

Captain Rex, the Hulk and Captain America, & another scary dude on stilts

Dawn, on the far left, sat in a chair and watched clips of some horror films , she said the chair vibrated at the end like an electric chair.

My all time favorite~ as I love Halloween! Was the "dead' baby with the bottle of blood!

It was hard to get a constant shot of Ian with these "ugly doll" characters, they kept making funny noises...

As you can see, there is no limit to who can dress up and how!

This is not r2d2, he's blue. there are apparently ones like him in the star wars series in green, red and yellow. This was a animated working robot. And there's Dyllan with a Buzz Lightyear Lego creation, soon to be a new line next year in the Lego stores! Imagine a Mr. Potato head lego!

In my earlier years I used to imitate drawings of the Wolverine, (the coolest) and I always love looking at Superheros too!

Original props from Star Wars series

~ Don't you just love these! They are altered Storm Troopers!

and another pose with the Lego captain Rex...

Dyllan posing with a Storm Trooper kid. He looks so small! If you click on the photo, you can see he's eyeing the gun the kid has, as it's a captain rex gun not approved by the Momma (for the price & constant noise) and had to settle for another gun.(which is really a water gun-his first!)(and only $3.99 @ Big Lots!)
Dyllan is also posing, (for the love of Me) with a real life Amy who looks just like Amy Adams in Enchanted.

This was by far the most authentic Storm Trooper costume we've seen!

~ Here Dyllan is with a giant bobble head Rex and a swamp creature guy who would pop out of his hiding spot to startle people passing by.

Waiting for the trolley, I snapped this shot of Dyllan with a cute Mad Hatter


Pam Hoffman said...

wow! what a busy day.

has Dyllan had any trouble at night? some of that stuff looked positively SCARY!

i hope he had fun and no nightmares!!!

Pam Hoffman

Rhonda Roo said...

No need to put me down for prizes, i just wrote in to say WOW I am impressed, with you and Dyllan, because holy crow, that looks like it could've been very overwhelming and fatiguing, but the little guy-and his mom-are obviously completely and thoroughly enjoying themsleves! I heard a rummor that Johnny Depp showed up too...a shame you couldn't have got a pic with him!
But i love all the pics you did get, and the altered storm troopers are absolutely priceless!
Thanks for sharing with us, this was fun!
xoxoxox Rhonda roo

Alison Gibbs said...

Looks like Dyllan had a great time. Do many things to do

Martha's Favorites said...

Wow, what a fun day you had. I have always wanted to go to one of those Comic Con's. Lucky you, it was fun to see it thru your children's eyes. Thanks for the pictures! Martha


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