Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Witches Cupboard Charm Swap Update

We are at the 1/2 way mark for sign up for this truly wicked swap! Below, you'll see the swap details plus the list of participants. The number stops at 31, so if you'd like to join, e-mail me today! Make sure to include your name, e-mail address and snail mail info!
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The theme is "Witches Cupboard"

Think of something you might find in a witches cupboard!
Keep it spooky and wicked.
No cutesy, please.
The older looking...- the better!

Size: No bigger than 2" long, can be 2 dimensional and have things dangling.

You can get idea's from my past swaps of what materials can be used~ shrink plastic, wire, bottle caps, rusty things, glass, clay, recycled, felt,soldered, fabric, buttons, beads, findings...
The only requirement I have it to make something that you would like to receive.

Please take time with your charms, ensuring their quality & wearability.
Jump rings are not required...you may make your own ring, or even attach a lobster claw.
*(Be sure to include a tag or business card any containing contact info with each charm you make)*

~Idea's of what you can make....tiny potion bottles, ghosties, mini recipe books, dried bat wings and such, voo-doo dolls, little crows, things to stir with, bones, tiny bottles filled with..., crows, owls, eye of newt, black cats, brooms, wart cream...I'm sure you can "spook" up something!

To be included in this sought after swap, you must do the following:
e-mail me your name, & mailing address
Feel free to visit our past swaps here.
I will update this post with a list of participants as they sign up!
Please include $5 in cash, or stamps to cover shipping & handling.
I can bill international via paypal, if needed.
(Local's don't have to pay for shipping & handling)

Last day to sign up: August 31st
Or when we reach max amount of 31 participants.
Charms must be in my hand by September 30th.
You can expect your charms by October 12th.

Hope you can join! And feel free to tell a friend!
Witches Cupboard Charm Swap Participants list so far....

1. Michelle Cummings
2. Holly Johnson
3. Morgan Thien
4. Lisa Hessabi
5. Regina Lord
6. Mahala Elliot
7. Tracy McIlroy
8. Veronica Noechel
9. Charity Donaldson
10. Valerie Myers
11. Lori Halt / Brittany Oullette
12. Melinda Nikkel
13. Ashley Robinson
14. Ashani Samuel
15. Jessica Mount
16. Amanda Willey
17. Angela Hoffman
18. Brenda Bliss Delaney
19. Michelle Betaudier
20. Jodi Hall
21. Kathy Mcelroy
22. Diana Pohl
23. Carol Hoffmann
24. Tami Roth


jmichelle said...

OOH!, Id love to join in,.. count me in! Ive already got a few wickedly fun ideas brewing!.. Cant wait!

Anonymous said...

How can i contact you to get involved in this?

Regina said...

Excellent! I'll have to get the button up on my blog~ :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! How many charms? 1 for each participant?


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