Friday, August 7, 2009

Dyllan's (month long) 5th Birthday Celebration!

In the middle of July, Brian, Dyllan and I went to my Dad's in Chula Vista, CA for a weekend of fun and a day at Lego Land.
After the day of fun, we swam in my Dad and Step Mom's pool and Dyllan helped me picked fresh tomatoes and and a huge zucchini!

You can see how over grown the tomato bush is! I had to reach waaaay in the back to get the 'good' ones! I felt like I was in a tomato jungle!

This is the one I took home. Do you like my size comparison? Just half of one of these guys made up 4 loafs of delish zucchini bread! (below)
Along the pool they also have banana trees. Here my Dad is holding a bunch to be put in the garage for further ripening.
The last weekend of July, Dyllan and I came down for Comic Con. You can see that post here.

We came home with some bikes, that my folks did not need anymore. Now Brian can ride with Dyllan and I!

On Dyllan's Birthday- July 30th, I took him to Disneyland. We did not stay the whole day as it got hot, crowded and all he could think about was spending a birthday gift card from Disneyland!
But we were "tickled" that we parked on level 5 and got a pic of Dyllan next to his favorite character; Donald Duck!

When Brian got home from work, we went to Dyllan's choice of birthday dinner- Denny's.
He got mac n' cheese and grapes. Even though the food was the same, the environment was special. Even better when the staff came out with a dish of ice cream and sang Happy Birthday!


Dyllan's Birthday party was the following Saturday at a local park. We made it a Star Wars / Clone Wars themed party, and had the kids dress up. Prizes were in involved too!

Even Grandpa Jim got in the action and made a suprise appearence.
The cake....

I got this r2d2 vintage cake pan from a friend and also bought the Darth Vader one as well for another time. The baking part was a pain, and I ended up making it a 2 layer cake. The decoration part is also harder than it looks especially when you are doing it for the first time, like me. I disliked the 'outline ' part the most, as my hand kept cramping. But had a blast with the stars! I'm really excited as to how it came out and can't wait to make a Halloween inspired r2d2 next time!

My orginal plan was to make a Death Star pinata. I did make it, but it was just too cool to smash up. So I'm going to hang it from the ceiling in Dyllan's room instead. I'll be sure to post pics when I do!

So I brought out a parachute tent and we made it fun for the kids any ways. While they were underneath, I scattered the (pinata's) toys in the grass and the kids went wild stuffing their goodie bags!~ One more bite...

(special thanks to my husband Brian for some of the better photographs!)


Wanda said...

It looks like you all had a great month-long birthday celebration! That was pretty cool. You did an excellent job on the cake. I can't wait to see the Death Star. :)

kawaii crafter said...

I like how the kids all dressed up for the party. It looks like everyone really got into it, yoda included . Your cake came out great. Looking forward to seeing a picture of the death star pinata.

L&G said...

Oh the kid looks so cute, hope everyone had a great time with the birthday party

Laura Bray said...

The cake looks great Michelle!


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