Disney's Halloween Treat!

This last October 15, I took Dyllan to Mickeys Halloween Treat over at Disney California. We have been going every year since they started this fun event!
It was just the two of us and Dyllan is dressed up as "Captain Rex" from Clone Wars.

Love the outfits! Caramel Apple and Candy Corn...

Gum drop



and a cupcake!

we found a cute little pooh,

Handy Mandy

Little Einsteins

always my favorite...the witches


Mr. Incredible and the incredible baby

A pirate family and their lovely pink chicken? lol!

Dyllan learning from Mrs.Peppermint how to dance to Thriller!

check out those moves!

a talking scarecrow!

more fabulous witches!

Dyllan participating in the parade as he learns to dance to the Monster Mash!

just LOVE those outfits!

found some jedi's...

pirates wharf

Dyllan with Captain Fox!

We used our map to lead us to these various "candy" stations where they gave out the likes of assorted candy, Giradeli squares, apple slices, baby carrots, raisins, and crackers.

The Mad Hatter and his Queen...

another jedi

another Captain Rex?

Aha! Finally a Darth Vader!

The next morning.

After sorting out the Mommy approved candy, the rest filled up 1/2 of out candy bowl!

Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween! Come back tomorrow for our Halloween feast!


Alexandra MacVean said...

Love all the costumes!! Happy Halloween! :)

Unknown said...

such great costumes...looks like a lot of fun!

laterg8r said...

that is fantastic, i've always wanted to go to this :D

Rhonda Roo said...

Dyllaan always looks like the happiest kid on the planet :) I think maybe its because he has a mommy who is a kid at heart...

but oh that last picture is priceless-its like he wishes there were some candy in the bowl he is eating from! LOL


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