Out for Blood...

I got this Venus Fly Trap plant a few months back in the garden section at Home Depot. I thought it might help with the few flies and gnats that escaped into the coolness of the house when temperatures soared out side. I completely forgot about the plant for a few days as I swatted flies and put them in the trash, until one night on the last fly, Brian suggested feeding it to the plant. SNAP! the plant closed quickly on the fly and being the last flying beast to be seen I was hooked and "out for blood" I started hunting for things to feed to the plants and never realized how fast daddy long legs can run until I tried to catch one with craft tweezers!
Exhausted in my effort to find fresh meat, I left the plant alone for a few days and discovered something (with out my help) met it's fate ...barely.

In the meantime, I've had this crazy and wonderful fascination with spider webs. Every day on the way to and from school, Dyllan and I spy for spiders and their webs. Often I take photo's as their intricate dedication and detail mesmerizes me sending me into a day dream as I go home to duplicate it with wire.

I love how imperfect they are.

A timeless beauty that never gets old


Pam Hoffman said...

Love the spiderweb pics!

I took a bunch one fall when they were covered with dew in the mornings all woven in the bushes across the street!

I'll go digging for them and see if I can load them onto flickr and let you know!

Pam Hoffman

Unknown said...

I am also fascinated by spider webs...it just boggles my mind how they can spin such works of art!

Julie Ranae said...

Just love this post! Spider webs are most amazing!


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