Witches Cupboard Charm Swap * Revealed! *

~ First of all, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who participated in this charm swap!
You all did a Wicked good job! Thus making this my favorite Halloween themed one yet!
These are the cones I made for everyone with the treats you see below stuffed inside.
Now on to the charms....
The theme was "Witches Cupboard" or "Things you would find in a witches cupboard"

The rock below was crafted by Morgan Thien. 
It is a holey stone, reputed to bestow the gift 
of psychic sight upon looking through it's hole...
A potion book by Diana Pohl. 
She hand bound the leather cover and printed a recipe inside!

Both this tine vial of Gillyweed and magical Unicorn tears were made by Brenda Bliss.

"Poison Apple" by Jessica Mount

Toad Roe~ by Charity Donaldson

A amazing mini deck of Tarot cards by Michelle Betaudier!

"Fly" by Carol Hoffmann

A Mini black cauldron by~Jodi Hall

Bottle of Spiders by~Lisa Hessabi

Fire burn (on one side) and cauldron bubble - Tami Roth

Curio bottle by Ashley Robinson
(she's hosting a Winter Charm swap on her blog!)

Evil Eye by Regina Lord

Aged Skull- Mahala Elliot

Little Broom by Angela Hoffman

Witch Services - Kathy McElroy

Spider by Ashani Samuel

Lizard tales in a teeny tiny bottle by Holly Johnson

Secret Book in clever box- Melinda Nikkel

Emma's potion Bottles by ~ Amanda Willey

Vintage Skeleton -Valerie Myers
Here I have them all displayed on my Halloween Tree mixed in with last years Halloween Charm swap which you can see here...
~ AND...as promised, I have one spider web pendant left to give away.
These are what I made for this swap.
All I ask is to do at least one of the following...
visit some of the links I provided for this swap and make some new blog buddies,
follow my blog or pass me on to a friend or two,
even be my friend on face book! (just type in my name, Michelle Cummings)
Then post back here...I'll pick a winner Sunday Oct.25th.

***Congratulations to Carrie for winning the Web!***


Mahala said...

You host the best swaps!

Scrapfaire said...

LOVED being a part of this swap!! Great charms from everyone! You got such great pics, I'm linking from my blog so everyone can have a look-see! Thanks again!

laterg8r said...

those are awesome swap trinkets - very creative. i'll go check these people out :D

Alexandra MacVean said...

What a great swap! Fun items. :)

Laume said...

What an amazing swap. I hope you do it again next year, I'd love to participate. So many adorable witchy items!

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Holy cow, all of those are SO cool!!! And I LOVE your spider web charms! I giggled as I scrolled through the wonderful charms! The lizard tails cracked me up!

Sherry said...

All the charms are gorgeous - the bottle of spiders made me laugh (well sort of, as I hate spiders!!) I'm sorry I missed this swap - all the charms are little treasures.

Connie said...

what a terrific swap! wish i had been a part of it! great blogs to visit, too!

Debb said...

love all the charms such a fun swap. I just did swap called witch cupboard what would a witch have in her cupboard.Tun out pretty good too.

laterg8r said...

sweeeeetness - very coool :D thanks so much :D

rebecca said...

see all the wondrous things one can miss when they are sick?? love your generosity of spirit. and your love of this wickedly fun holiday!!

thanks for sharing so abundantly!


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