Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Count down to Christmas Matchbox Swap

The current theme over at "A Swap for all Seasons" is a matchbox swap.
The premise was to create 25 matchbox ornaments with a matching treat inside.
I made magnets. I used vintage reproductions of Christmas stamps, bottle caps, glitter glue and dimensional glaze. It took me near two months to complete these beauties, the hardest being the dry time of the glaze and making holes at the top of the little match boxes for the ribbon.

I made 25 for the swap and will receive 25 back, all from 25 individual artist!
Come December, I will have the most creative advent calendar in town!

Of course, I kept one for me. :)

If you visit the main swap site, you can see teasers of the
packages the host has been receiving. All so inspiring!


Sherry said...

That's quite a production line there Michelle! Your boxes and magnets look beautiful - I hope I get one in my batch of 25!

goldyfish said...

What an interesting swap. Cool ornaments and box. TYFS. Best Wishes Lucinda

p said...

holy moly, you are definitely prepared.
xmas is just around the corner...sigh.


Susan said...

so they are like an advent calendar? everyone gets 25? or not?? at any rate they are very cool!!
I would have joined if I had known. I am going to check out the link.
Thanks so much for sharing, these delight creations.


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