"Wish You Were Here!" Summer Charm Swap

OK, so here are the results from the most recent charm swap!
The theme was "Wish You Were Here!"
The premise was to think of a favorite summer memory and create a charm with that theme. We all made postcards to tell about the memory as well.

So here's mine:
Dear Friend,
Dyllan and I are having a wonderful time visiting family in Northern California!
Here we are collecting shells at Shelter Cove- a quiet little beach town.
Wish you were here!
~Michelle Cummings

Hey Friend,
We are having such a great time down under. Wish you could be here. The weather is great and the Three Sisters Monument was amazing. The meat pies were great as well.
Ashani Samuel

Dear Friend,
I am sitting on the beach right now. It is so peaceful here.
The ocean and the view is amazing here! This vacation is so much fun!
Wish you were here!
~Elizabeth Coffey

Hey You!
I just got back from visiting the county fair! The pig races were cute,
so were the lumberjacks (hehe!) But by far, the hot air balloons flying over head were my favorite.
Wish you were here!!
Jessica Mount

Greetings from the boardwalk in Santa Cruz!
I'm having fun playing on the beach and going on rides!
I even had my first candy apple!
Wish you were here!
Mahala Elliot

Dear Friend,
We are having so much fun!
We just love the beach.
Wish you were here!
~Victoria Sturdevant

Dear Friend,
We are having a great time exploring with the gnomes
and fairy tale creatures here at story book forest!
Wish you were here!
Angela Hoffmann

Sawadee Ka!
Hello from the place where time began.
It is so amazing....Just wish you were here too!
Hugs & Kisses...will see you soon, as they say:
~ Carol Hoffmann

Dear Friend,
Having a great time in Egypt touring the ancient cities,
pyramids and riding camels.
It's so hot here but keeping cool.
Wish you were here!
Marissa Wong


Gracie "Neky White" said...

Was a great swap uh?? All the charms and postcards are cute n_n

Rosemary said...

Hey Michelle,
Thanks for the visit!!
Your swap looks great!!!
If I don't talk to you this week,
Happy Halloween!!


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