Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dyllan's Haunted House

Dyllan begged for a Haunted House in his room this year.
So, (being the "I can't stop creating, MOM)..I said sure.
I cleared a space in the corner of his room and used a kids sized hula hoop and green bean garden lattice.
I zip tied the hoop to the book case (I had eye screws on there already) and then to the lattice. For extra support I taped the bottom of the lattice to Dyllan's school clothes dresser. Which I acquired for free on Free Cycle.

I double checked that he could stand inside with out hitting his noggin.

Then I covered the top and back with a black bed sheet.
The left side with the eyes is a remnant from my Halloween past,
when Brian and I were just dating.
I cut the eyes from black landscaping plastic and taped layers of yellow tissue paper on the negative side. The we would place these in every window of the house and position torch lamps near the windows to make the eyes glow. It looked very very spooky.
I'll try to dig up some of those old photo's.... :)

For the door way, I used a portion of a black plastic table skirt and cut the bottom into shreds for the pass through. Having the hoop inside at the top makes a great place to hang orange lights and decorations. The lattice also helps for mounting the flickering strobe light and other spooky finds.

Inside we added a foam piece for resting on, some spooky props, Halloween themed books and stuck cut out eyes everywhere so they would glow under the strobe light.

And because we put it on a timer, it's like the best night light ever!


LyndaB said...

lol... that is too cute! I remember spending a month coloring the inside of a cardboard refrigerator box as my 'doll house' I could sit in when I was a kid.

Austen Recycle said...

excellent... and if anyone else wants to build any halloweeny dens then I think the 'reuse' site may help in providing the materials / ideas you need and it's all free.

laterg8r said...

that is super creative and so fun :D

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

This is so cute. How fantastic that you made this for your son. So many Mothers would have just said no. He will remember this always and it will spur his own creativity. I would have loved it if my Mom had made me one. I use to try to make the hall outside my bedroom into a haunted house but my Mom did not support the idea. So it never amounted to much.

Way to go!

Tammy said...

You are such a fun mom! I love that you all worked together to create such a spooky haunted house
Tammy ; )


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