Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop - "Fall Leaves"

 This month the theme is Fall and Thanksgiving. So I took it as a opportunity to show off my crafting obsession which is coloring in stamped images. I love to play with watercolors and I was happy these leaves turned out so well. I hope you will enjoy my tutorial. :)

 I stamped some broad shaped leaf designs (Martha Stewart) with walnut distress ink onto manila folders. I chose the folders because they are thicker than card stock and can with stand the layering I would be doing.
 Next I dabbed the colors needed for painting on to a craft sheet. I used both Distress stains and full strength re-inkers. I spritzed those colors with water before I began painting. This would help the colors blend on the leaves.
 I used a paint brush with a built in water well for the painting. But you can also use a standard brush and a cup of water. I picked up color from the craft mat and painted the leaves as I imagined they might look in the fall. I live in Southern California where winters are never cold enough to turn our leaves.
 I used some of the distress stains full strength to added details of veins and color that needed to pop. When the leaves begin to dry on the manila folder, the diluted colors may fade a bit. Don't stress about that as you still have two more steps to make the leave come alive.
 I accented the maple leaves veins cinnamon stickles. Then outlined the edges with  stickles that matched the painted colors.
 I set the leaves out to dry, making sure the glitter glue has set. I refrained from using a heat tool as this would cause the painted leaves to fade even more.
 See the difference between the stickled and non stickled leaves, Almost done!
 With a fine tip I added diamond glaze to each leaf and and used my finger to spread it evenly, in between the veins, over the color and even past the outline. I set this out to completely dry. Then I carefully cut out each leaf with precision scissors. The tags below, don't do justice as these leaves are more breathtaking in person.
I enjoyed making these leaves and have added them to a layout, and thankful cards to be given to friends and family members for Thanksgiving.
* * *
Stains and inks used:
Maple leaf - Barn door and Rusty hinge stain, Mustard, Vintage photo and Marmalade re-inker.
Aspen leaf- Barn door and Forest moss stain, Mustard, Shabby shutters and Peeled paint re-inker.
Other leaf - Forest moss stain, Mustard, Shabby shutters, and Peeled paint re-inker.

I used an assortment of stickles and other craft glitter glues.


Terry Ricioli Designs said...

What a great idea!

Einat Kessler said...

Beautiful leaves! I love the rich colors and the shine they have. Really great project!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job with the transitioning of colors! You are truly talented!

-Suzann Sladcik Wilson

Linda said...

These are wonderful. I love them all, very nice vibrant colors and great texture.

zakkalife said...

Your leaves are gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Very clearly you guide your users to how to make a cards by simple way!!I especially like your the glitter on the autumns leaves if you can use the dark green ribbon in here cards they become more attractive and embellishment.....
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Judy said...

Nice, almost. I would have believe they are real if you didn't add the stickles. I'm from the Midwest and the natural colors are all over the place here. Good job tho, considering you're from California.

Ema said...

I am going to try this. Very pretty. Fall is in the air. :)


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