November 2, 2011

Sizzix Fresh Vintage - Petal Power Flower Die

Welcome! I'm so happy you can be here!
Sizzix recently sent me a new Vintage Fresh Die, Petal Flower Power- designed by Eileen Hull.
It's the ultimate flower die. Not just because you can make any shape or sized flower you want, but you can also make other things like,Owl. :)
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To make Mr. Owl, I used the following supplies:
Assorted shades of felt and quilted fabric
One blank tote
Fabric glue
Sewing Scissors
Fringe scissors
Wax paper
Cotton stuffing
First cut a basic shape of a owl from your quilted or patterned fabric. Then with your fabric glue, adhere all of the outline of the Owl and face, with the exception of the bottom to the tote. Make sure you have a sheet of wax paper inside the tote in case the glue seeps through. Press the glued sides firm until you are sure the glue has set. Add a bit of the cotton fluff into the bottom, enough to fill out the Owl, but not too much so you can still glue the bottom shut.
Next cut a basic figure eight shape from felt. Trim as needed to fit inside the owls face. Cut larger circles, then use the die to make the scalloped circles and proceed on making the insides of the eye. Glue everything together and add to Owl.

For the feathers, I was able to layer at least 3 rectangles of felt at a time on each petal size. I made 14 small petals and 14 large petals. I used the fringe scissors to create a feathery look. I glued each smaller feather to each larger feather and then adhered to the Owl row by row, starting from the bottom, going up.
The Owls beak was created with a simple triangle of leftover felt. I placed a line of glue on the owl and pinched the beak in place until I was sure the glue had set.
I like how the body of Owl is plump and his feathers look ruffled as if he's ready to take flight!
Be sure to visit the Oh My Crafts blog for a chance to win a Flowers, Layers #9 die!

* * *
Besides being able to work with this fabulous die, I was also fortunate to play with
some Templates from The Crafters Workshop!
To make the collaged journal below, I used the following templates:
Love Beads, & Screen.
The templates -Ava, Summer, Edith & Maude, Herringbone, Chevron, Circles in Square, Triangle,
and Triangle plaid were  designed by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer!
I collaged the book inside and out with  torn bits of scrap paper. I used colored permanent markers with the templates right onto the pages. I accented with doodles, more petals and glitter glue.

I left spaces to add some creative thoughts and dreams.

And for the cover I used the Petal Power Flower die!

So what do you think? Do you like my projects? What would you use this die for? I'm thinking, bunny ears, ruffle for a apron, fall leaves, shingles for a kids playhouse, scales for a dragon or fish costume,...the list is endless! Thanks for coming by, now please take the time to hop along and visit the rest of the creations. :)


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