July 5, 2013

Summer Centerpiece Firecrackers!

  Hi Everyone!
Here is a simple craft that you can make to accent any festive summer occasion!

 Materials and supplies used:
cut down tubes from used aluminum foil, wire garland, bamboo skewers,
Silver Bells Dew Drops, Star Glitter Border, Blue Raspberry Glitter Sorbet,
a scalloped  border punch and white paper, a small flower punch, scissors, paper piercer, double stick tape, rhinestone adhesive, and vintage trim.
  Coat the outside of your tube with double stick tape and then add your choice of paper. Add your scalloped trim and then trace the end of the tube onto some paper and cut out a circle larger than you traced. Punch or pierce a hole in the center, then cover entire circle with  double stick tape and cut as shown below.
 Push your stick or wire garland through the hole of the circle,  then push into the top and bottom of the firecracker, making sure the cut edges are secured and hidden inside of the tube.
Accent the firecrackers with the flowers and dew drops.
 Place inside a glass jar or tin can filled with beans to hold upright and add other Americana decorations if desired!
Thanks for coming by, I hope you are having a fantastic summer celebration with your friends and family!
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