Celebrate Summer with Beaded Firework Hair Clips!

 Hi Everyone!
I knew I wanted to make myself and my friends something fun and festive to wear for this weeks 4th of July. We plan to have a potluck picnic in our community park, listen to live music, play games and watch the fireworks together.  I can't wait!
 I started with a dish of my "jumble" beads. I call them that because when ever I'm done with any beading project, I just add the leftovers to one big bag and they "jumble" all together!
I dish out a few in the cup of my hand and use the end of some 26 gauge floral wire to start stringing.

For the red , I used 30 beads per loop. In the photo below you can see that after I strung my beads, I just gave the wire a couple of twists and then made another loop until I had completed 6 red loops. For the white, I  used 25 beads to make 5 loops.

 I just kept twisting the loops until done with the color and then threading the wire into the center to secure the finished color.  For the blue, I used 20 beads to make 6 loops.
After I had made the center blue, I pulled up some wire which was secured from the bottom with a quick pinch of pliers. Then I added 6 silver beads and pinched the top wire as shown below. I did this 2 more times. It's not required, but I though it added some fun. :)

 Using a silver plated bobby pin, I wrapped the excess wire around the back of the pin and used pliers to twist the wire tight.

Now I have a fantastic hair clip to wear for this week and all summer long!
I hope to have inspired you to make some for you and your friends and that your summer is something to Celebrate about!

~ Michelle Frae Cummings

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Anonymous said...

Love! What a fun project!


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