July 11, 2013

Elephant Glass Pendant

Today I am featured over on The Robins Nest blog with a tutorial on how to make this
 Elephant Glass Pendant!
There you will see a tutorial on how to make a faux piece for card making and scrap-booking as well as tips for soldering.
Hope you'll come by to say Hi!


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm also fond of creating handmade jewelry. Searching for some new ideas I often come across the recommendation to make a sketch of your jewelry before you actually start making it. For instance this article recommends it as well http://www.askwiki.net/How-to-Make-Jewelry. Jean Campbell also supposes it is necessary to develop the sketch http://www.jewelrymakingdaily.com/blogs/daily/archive/2011/02/07/use-sketches-to-start-your-jewelry-designs.aspx. Did you develop the sketch of this elephant on your pendant by yourself or just use some printed image?

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

Hi, If I am doing something freehand with jewels or dew drops, I usually trace my slide multiple times onto craft paper, then use the drawn squares to try my design. In this case, I winged it with the great printed paper and Dew Drops from The Robins Nest!


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