My...What Big Eyes You Have!

I seriously did not even know that extra large googly eyes existed until friend and fellow artist, Ken Oliver posted about them on Face Book! So the last time I was at Michaels craft store to pick up some glue, I bought these too. Cost? Less than $5.
I knew they needed to go on our front door for Halloween.
 You see, our front door it completely metal.
The part that is inside the house is like a second fridge, a place where all the school photos, postcards, special artwork and whacky magnets go.

Now, with the exception of the giant eyes, you probably already have the rest of the materials.
This project took less than 10 minutes to do.
Super-duper easy.
You just need a metal door or painted sheet metal that you can hang on your door, make the sheet metal look like a tombstone...ooh...scary!
Magnet buttons, not the sheets, those don't have enough strength to hold everything up.
E-6000 glue
Thick poster white paper or a sheet of mixed media paper like I used.
Pencil and scissors.
The photos kinda tell it all. Except when you have applied the glue and magnets to the back of the eyes, prop them so they are level to dry, or the unset glue will cause the magnets to move.

Trace you teeth as shown, then cut apart.

Add more magnets

Add eyes and teeth to your door or metal sheet.
On Halloween night, I'll replace our front door light with a black light for some extra spookiness..... :)

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