Bleach Painted Halloween Shoes

 Hi Everyone!

This months theme is Halloween. So I thought I'd make a pair of fun "spooky" Halloween shoes!
The technique is the same as some bleach painted shoes I made this last July.

 Items that you will need:
  • Inexpensive black canvas shoes. These are from K-mart. $10.
  • 100% straight bleach in a small container.
  • Small fine tip paint brushes, the more real they are, the better for the project.
  • A white cloth pencil.
  • A heat tool, sketch pencil, paper, and black Sharpies.
  • A well ventilated area.
 Begin by sketching your design first onto the craft paper.

Then with your white cloth pencil, you can add your design to the shoe. The nice thing about the cloth pencil is that it disappears later with water.

 Once you have your shoes sketched out, you can begin with the bleach. Simply dip your paint brush into the bleach and carefully paint along the lines of the pencil on the shoe.
You will see results immediately.
Add 1-3 coats of bleach to each design. The bleach becomes a lighter orange as the design drys, but if you need to speed up that process, you can go over what you are working with the heat gun. I did this for larger designs. These designs were ones like the jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, or bats.
When you are done painting, you can correct designs or add detail with your black sharpies. Make sure the shoes are very dry or you will need to use several pens to bring out the darkness of the sharpies.

Don't forget to add some fun detail to the inside of the shoes!

Now the shoe below, that is closer to you, is the result of when I first experimented in this project last July. I tried a Bleach Gel pen first, which did not work at all, and (for some strange reason) never fully washed out- so the finished design with the straight bleach is a a little less precise -design wise- than the other shoe.
I think they both look great and the markers helped alot.

Below are the shoes I made last July.
On the left , they are newly finished. The right, well worn and after a few washes.

So while you may love this reddish color, be prepared for them to fade more over time, but still look Amazing!
Thanks for coming by, let me know what you think in 'comments' and have creative day!

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