Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lego Mini-Figurine Wall Display

Our son loves Lego's.
 Whats not to love?
 They are easy to create with, following instructions or making something up.
He also loves the mini-figurines. Mostly Star Wars but we also have a mix of classic characters.
I wanted to display the I started looking around the house for something I could work with.

I had a blank cork board and some acrylic paints.
I painted the entire board with black paint. It took about 2 coats to evenly cover the cork.
Then I researched the internet for images of galaxies. I chose galaxies because we love anything  Star Wars.
Following the color pattern of the galaxy image I found, I used a texture brush to apply the paints.
I tried to follow the swirls of the online galaxy image I found.

For the stars, I dipped a old toothbrush into white paint and dragged my thumb across the bristles. This created splatters of white paint. Like faraway stars.
Some of the splatters were uneven or droopy from lots of paint, so I used a fine paint brush to make them into close up stars.
When I was done painting, I took the board outside and sprayed with a clear sealer. While the sealer was still tacky, I scattered some some iridescent glitter onto the board for extra glitz.

Next we went to our local Lego store and purchased a small tub of 2x4  bricks.  About 50 bricks in all. I adhered flat back tacks onto one end of the bricks with crazy Glue and let set until fully cured.

 Then we began placement of the mini-figurines!
Now we have a perfect piece of wall art that is both beautiful and functional.
Our son likes to play around with adding the figurines and taking them down for actual "play".

Thanks for coming by, I hope to have inspired you!
 Please feel free to leave me a comment, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Materials used:
Cork board
Crazy glue
Texture brush
Fine paint brush
Tooth brush
Clear spray sealer
Fine glitter
2x4 lego bricks
Lego Mini-Figurines
Galaxy image


lavendarrose29 said...

I totally need to make of these for the Lego lovers in my life!

Kaneka Chhim said...

Ooh Love how the background came out.


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