Door Knob Jingle-Jangles!

 The theme for this months  Designer Crafts Connection group is Holiday Decorations.
So I dreamed up these "Door Knob Jingle-Jangles"!

I am making enough for the neighbors, a couple of Dyllan's Teachers and a few to keep on hand for quick gifts.
They hang easily on any door knob and the "jingle-jangle" of the bells is so Merry!
I hope you like my tutorial.
Leave me a comment at the end for the chance to win one for yourself!
I will pick a winner at the end of December 4th. :)



  • 12" -Decorative Christmas garland.
  •  16" - Decorative wire
  • (2) 12" -1½" wide ribbon.

  • 36" -24 gauge gold floral wire.
  • (4) 20mm gold bells.
  • Bakers twine- (1 piece)7", (2 pieces) 6", (1 piece) 5".
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Jewelry pliers 

 So when you measure and cut the garland, the strands will break apart.
This is OK. Don't stress this part.
Simply lay them end to end.
 Next bend your 36" of wire in half and align the middle of the wire with the middle of the garland strands.
 Holding that middle, (wire and garland) with your finger and thumb, use your other hand to loosely wrap the wire around as shown in above (left photo).
When you reach the end, secure the wire to a end bead, but only cut loose garland, leave the wire for later.
Repeat same wrapping with other side of the strand.
When you are done wrapping and securing the wire, use your fingers to adjust the garland strands- as shown in the right top photo. Just randomly push the smaller strands around the bigger beads.

Lastly, starting at one end, twist the garland and wire all in the same direction until you get to the end.
Then secure the two ends together with a twist of the remaining wires.
Make a loop with one of the wire ends and trim the other, pinching the end with your jewelry pliers.

 Tie your four cuts strands of bakers twine to your bells.
Align all the ends evenly and knot onto the wire loop.
Twist the wire into the rest of the garland and pinch the end with the jewelry pliers.

Tie a simple bow with one of the ribbons, then use the other to attach to the knotted bakers twine.
Straighten your bow a bit, then hang on a door to hear some cheerful "Jingle-Jangle"!

Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win! Then visit the rest of the designers for more Holiday inspiration! (See hop-forward-button on my side bar.)



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