December 4, 2014

Bejeweled Holiday Ornament

It seems every year my ornaments become more and more sparkly!
I love how the light catches on the jewels, glitter and gold!

To make this ornament, you will need the following materials:

3" Smoothfoam Ball.
1" decoration ball or large bead with hole all the way through.
12"-15" of  24 gauge gold floral wire
Tacky glue
3 buttons
Gold acrylic paint
Foam brush

Jewelry pliers
Assorted Dew and Diamond Drops or flat backed gems.
Diamond glaze or clear sealer.

1. Paint the  Smoothfoam ball with at least 2 coast of the gold paint. Let dry completely.
2. Push a paper piercer or ice pick all the way through the ball.
3. Fold your length of wire in half and insert the folded bit through the small ball.

4. With the loop sticking out, carefully pull up the loose ends of the wire and push them through the loop. Bring them down the ball and twist at the bottom with the pliers to secure.
5. Thread wire through large ball and secure the 2 balls with glue. Let set before the next step.

6. Thread your 3 buttons onto the remaining wire. Add glue between the ball and the each of the buttons. Let glue set completely.
7. With your pliers, twist the wire.

8. Make a hook and trim off the excess wire.
9. Glue end of hook into the top button.

10. Starting in small sections, add glue to the top of the ornament and place your embellishments.
Make up a pattern or apply randomly.
11. When all of the ball is covered and the glue is dry and clear, cover the ball with the clear sealer.
Let dry completely before hanging on a tree.

Thanks for coming by, I hope you liked my ornament!
Comments welcome!
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