How to Make a Crystal Ring from Resin

I love all things to do with crystals and I love working with resin, so  I decided to try making some crystal jewelry!
 Supplies needed:
  1. Amazing Mold Putty
  2. Amazing Clear Cast Resin
  3. Violet Alumilite Dye
  4. Gold and Blue/Green Alumidust
  5. Gloves
  6. Craft mat
  7. Tape
  8. Crystals
  9. Ring blanks
  10. e-6000
  11. Scissors
  12. Small paintbrush.
  13. Glitters and gold leafing foil.

 Gather 3 crystals and tape together as shown.

 Next, open your containers of the Mold Putty and remove equal amounts of both the yellow and white putty. Mix together until all of the white is gone.
 Round this into a ball and quickly insert your wrapped crystals. Leave to set- about 10 minutes. 

 The Clear Cast Resin takes at least 24 hours to set, so give yourself a couple of days or more to make this project. The more patience...the better the outcome.

 A little bit goes a long way for the dust. I use a toothpick to measure what I need.

*When using the 1 oz. bottles of the dye, I generally don't cut the applicator tip which allows the dye to dispense. I do this because the dyes are super concentrated...so I use the tip of a pin to add color as needed. 

 All the resins come with mixers and measuring cups.
You will need to measure out equal amounts of bottle "A" and "B". Mix well and then add a tiny bit of color to the resin and mix again.
I used the provided mixing tool (the popsicle stick) to slowly drop some colored resin into my mold.

(I had other molds ready for any extra resin so not to waste a drop.)

Add a little bit of gold and blue/green dust into the mold now.
 Then set aside onto a flat surface for at least 3-5 hours.
This will give the resin some time to firm up some before you add the next color.
Clean cups and sticks with baby wipes. 

When ready, mix your Clear Cast Resin again. Add the tiniest amount of color or keep clear. Pour into the mold. Sprinkle with dust and glitters if desired. Leave to set over night.
 Remove the hardened resin from your mold. With scissors, trim off any stray resin strands.
With the first paintbrush, paint some newly mixed Clear Cast Resin around the base. Attach the gilding flakes to the crystal base with the second brush.
Finish the crystal with a over all coat of resin and leave to set overnight or until its no longer tacky.

 The easiest way to attach the ring is to place the crystal back-into-the-mold, and adhere the ring with adhesive. That way everything stays put as the glue sets.

 Here, I made molds from crystal clusters. I used these molds for any extra resin that was left over from making the ring. So beautiful. Like a cross between my birthstone Amethyst and Aquamarine gemstones. One of them reminds me of a galaxy too! *Swoon*

The best part about making crystal jewelry from resin is that its so much lighter to wear and if you drop them, they won't chip!
Plus it looks fabulous. Don't you agree?

See more resin jewelry idea's here.

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