Charm Swaps

 Every year I host a few Charm  Swaps.

If you would like to join in on our swaps please read this first.

Past Charm Swaps 

#1 Spring 2007
#2 Spring 2008
#3 Fall and Halloween 2008 
#4 Things with Wings 2009
#5 Witches Cupboard 2009
#6 Alice in Wonderland 2010
#7 Wish You Were Here 2010
#8 Haunted 2010
#9 SteamPunk 2011
#10 Charm Supply Swap 2011 
#11 Goth Charm Swap 2011 
#12 Kitchy Swap 2012 
#13 Halloween Owls 2013
#14 Vintage Santa Charm Swap 2013 
#15 Down the Rabbit Hole Charm Swap 2014  
#16 Sewing Swap 2015
#17 Mermaid Charm Swap 2015 
#18 Christmas Charm Swap 2015
#19 Star Wars Charm Swap 2015
#20 Native American Swap 2016
#21 Summer Swap 2017
#22 Witches Cupboard Swap 2017 

Premise of each Swap-  
  1. Open to 20 participants, unless otherwise noted.
  2. Charms/Miniatures must be durable enough to be worn or displayed.
  3. If you are working with clay, please be sure no fingerprints remain on finished piece.
  4. Please make something you'd like to receive.
  5. All media allowed for the Charms/Miniatures as long as you adhere to the theme.
  6. No "cute" Charms/Miniatures please.
  7. No religious or political images or script.
  8. Must be 18 years or older to participate.
  9. International welcome if your country allows "organic" items.
  10. All Charms/Miniatures must include a ATC.
  11. All Charms/Miniatures must be individually wrapped or securely bagged. 
  12. Swaps are usually posted 1-2  months before due date.
  13. Must provide current e-mail address for participating swap updates and to be added to "Master" invitation list.
  14. Must be able to provide a check, cash or be billed via Pay Pal for return shipping. I use Priority mail which includes a tracking #.
  15. As a courtesy to others, if your package arrives past the due date, you will be given a warning, on your third strike you'll be removed from future swaps. 
*But if you have less than 3 strikes by the end of the year, at the start of the new year, you will have a clean slate.



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