Wednesday, March 5, 2008

In Memory of Brent Allen

~Brent Allen~
Born -March 9th, 1972
Died - February 27th, 2008
~~~ Dear Brent,
~ When Kay called to let me know that you were killed in a private plane crash last Wednsday, I was in shock. I could not believe you were gone. You were seriously the nicest guy I knew. You had a pure heart and a smile worth a thousand watts.
~~~I went to your service yesterday. It was good to be there. You touched so many lives. Do you know? You touched mine too. You were funny and so clever and you had this quality of never getting mad , once. When did I meet you? While I was High School through Kay and Ladawna. You went to another school but we hung out just the same. You came to my 16th Birthday party at my Mom's house. Remember the egg toss? ;0)
~~~ I don't remember too much of those days except that you were there. And that's all that counts. Spending days at the beach surfing with the gang and just hanging out with no cares, no worries, just having fun.
~~~ After High School, I have fond memories of coming over once a week on a week night to play cards, drink soda and listen to Led Zepplin on arrow 93.1 (now jack f.m.)
~~~ You centered me. You kept me in check, reminding me to have fun with life and not to worry so much. You use to complain that you could not find the right girl, that they all wanted "bad boys", well I'm glad you found your girl, even if was for a short time.
You are going to be missed so much but your spirt will live on in me and in so many other lives you've touched. We will be telling your stories and sharing your smiles for as long as there are ears to listen. Thank you Brent, for being you and for letting myself, and everyone else a chance to learn from you.
You will live in our hearts Forever.
~~~ Love, Michelle (Prince) Cummings
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