Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mermaid Swap!

~Liz was my partner for Michelle Geller's Mermaid swap!
Liz is from New Zealand and things she sent my way were an absolute treasure!
***Please feel free to click on any pic for close up yummy-ness!***

~Little sea shell mousie

~ Fabric, richly embossed paper, a necklace and sea side beading supplies

~A beautifil wall hanging and a hand decorated box

~Love this oceanic felted purse! Can't wait to show it off!

~Here's more on the box!
~ So now, what did I give to her?

~ I decopauged a book box inside and out and added a little mirror on the front

~Cupcake picks , sea shells and photo cards by , yours truly.

~A altered journal,votive holder, custom blend glitter and a little doll

~A collection of sea-lishis fibers and the inside of the box.
~ Beads and treasures, all stuffed in this container

~ A pearly treasure, and bracelet

~A tiny mirror and sea side comb

~ A mermaid crown complete with flashing lights!
She just got her package today, that's why I waited on posting. One thing I forgot to take pic's of was that I also gave her a wire purse that I touched up with gold leaf and filled with scores of fabric from my collection!
~ If you want to see what everyone else got.. go here!
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