Saturday, May 3, 2008

Betcha didn't know

Reina over at Oswanny Designs tagged me for 6 odd quirks about me!

1. I get stage fright if asked to act, even if it's one on one, but I'm a pro in reading stories with different voices to children!

2. I love facials, they are so relaxing, but since we are one income family, I being the SAHM, I'll somethimes close my eyes when I massage my face. It's the next best thing.

3. Like Reina, I'll check the expire dates on foods and breads, and even if a box of crackers looks worn, I'll reach in the back for a new one. If I can't find the expire date, I won't buy it.

4. Same with magazines. I'll browse through one at the store, then grab a "un-touched" one to take home. Go figure.

5. When I was younger, I used to collect Bouncy Balls , I used to fantasize winning the lottery and a delivery truck would come and deliver a carport full of them. To this day, when I find one, I can't help my self but to bounce it as hard as I can and feel that giggeling joy as it soars far far away!

6. I'm a fanatic with having my lip balm. I always have one in my pocket, ( now it's the cherry flavored Carmax one which taste really good after eating chocolate covered almonds) I've been know to turn the car around if I forgot it. The thought of going a whole day with out something
on lips will get me into a panic.

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