Saturday, May 17, 2008

Just the usual...

I have a few blogs goodies that I wanted to share with you before I let you know what I'll be doing this weekend!

Please visit Dawn's blog at Feathered Nest and help her land her image, the one on the right for a front page spot!


Hop on over to Maria's blog to see how she turned this from drab to fab!


~ A fabric flower wreath tuitorial by Amy of InspireCo


Give a nice Congrat's to Dawn of Artist Reborn for getting this piece Published in Somersets, Gallery!

Donna of the Ribboned Crown is featured in the current Artful blogging!


Have you ever seen something so beautiful as this? I'm always entranced by papier crafting as I love to do it my myself. This is titled 12 Dancing Princesses
By Su Blackwell

~ Learn how to make this adorable tutu, no sewing involved over at Jessica's blog!


How exciting! Another one of my blog friends is published in this magazine!

Hop on over to Retro Cafe' Art and give your congrat's to Kristin!

~~~~I'm getting in all my blog posting done today because tomorrow, Sunday, is my day to tackle my studio. Yea! I'm actually excited because Brian is taking Dyllan out of the house for the better part of the day so I can drag everything out into the hall way, sorting, organizing and tossing things.
~~~~~Yes, I Michelle, will actually throw things away! Materials and supplies are one thing, but I'm going to actually put a expire date on those things that I'm sure to make something with. They have been stacked and re-stacked mutiple times , often forgotten.
~~~~~My new thing will be if I have not used it in 3 months, it's gone. This will be especially helpful for when people give me things out of the goodness of their heart saying, "here...I thought you could make something with this.", or in other words, they have no place to put it and can't bear the thought of tossing it out, so that's where I come in.
~~~~~Till we meet again...


The Dude said...

I can't wait to see it done. This has been many long years in the making.. But Sunday is the day!!

The Feathered Nest said...

the dude is really cracking me up Michelle!!! Thank you so much sweetie for your kind promotion of my artwork!! Have fun organizing...don't work too hard, maybe the dude will help! xxoo, Dawn

Donna O. said...

Thank you Muchelle for the 'nod'! I already put in my vote for Dawn- that should be the cover (although the other is beautiful, too).
I hope you get some good organizing done. I'm always happy to have an empty house as I do the same thing!!!
Good luck!

Sea Dream Studio said...

Hi Michelle~ Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog! We survived the last round of storms and it is clear here now! YEA!
Thansk for sharing the links to all those wonderful blogs! ~hugs~dale

Kristin Hubick said...

Thanks for the shout-out Michelle! That was very nice of you!

Maria said...

Thanks for featuring me on your wonderful blog! I love the book by Su Blackwell.

Bejeweled said...

Love all the bloggie goodies you shared with us!!! How exciting that so many fellow bloggers are getting published!! It's so fun to see your friends when reading through those magazines.

Yeah for studio clean up day!! Can't wait to see it!!

When I have extra crafting supplies to get rid of, I usually fill a box and take it to a local preschool - they are always on the lookout for art supply donations and *love* to get boxes like that.

Bejeweled said...

and I love that Su Blackwell piece too :)

kawaii crafter said...

thanks for featuring the tutu post on your blog

love the Su Blackwell piece too


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