Monday, May 19, 2008


1. What's the real challenge about organizing your studio?

Too much stuff and not enough space! Also, I have so many bits and pieces that don't really go together!

2. Have you found any hidden treasures that you thought were long gone?

Everything I find is a treasure, so yes :). I also tend to save my "good junk" for something really special but then I end up not using it ever! So now I'm trying to use my "good junk" first.

3. What have you used to organize your items that you already had?

I used a three tier hanging kitchen basket, which I hung in my studio to hold all of my finished resin pieces that are waiting for a good home.

4. What have you had to buy?

Plastic carts with drawers! Love them!

5. Are you naturally a neat person? Or does clutter make you strangely comfortable?I like to be neat, then I feel open to create. But somehow after creating my studio is a disaster! I'm trying to get in the habit of cleaning up after each creative time, so I feel more open. 6. How many times have you had to re-organize something since starting this challenge?Almost every day! 7. Is it hard for you to "let go"? if not , what's your strategy? No. I almost never keep what I make. Then I would really run out of room. My "strategy" is telling myself I can buy more stuff every time I get rid of something!8. Do you see your craft space to be organized by the end of June? Depends on if I create on that day :). 9. If you are organized by due date, how will you celebrate?Buy more "stuff" of course! 10. any thing else...?I had my DH install utility cabinets from Lowe's when we first moved in. They were cheap and plain white, so I painted the doors before assembling them. I love them and they hold SO MUCH stuff! And they also look like 3-D art pieces on the wall.
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