Saturday, May 3, 2008

Betcha didn't know

Reina over at Oswanny Designs tagged me for 6 odd quirks about me!

1. I get stage fright if asked to act, even if it's one on one, but I'm a pro in reading stories with different voices to children!

2. I love facials, they are so relaxing, but since we are one income family, I being the SAHM, I'll somethimes close my eyes when I massage my face. It's the next best thing.

3. Like Reina, I'll check the expire dates on foods and breads, and even if a box of crackers looks worn, I'll reach in the back for a new one. If I can't find the expire date, I won't buy it.

4. Same with magazines. I'll browse through one at the store, then grab a "un-touched" one to take home. Go figure.

5. When I was younger, I used to collect Bouncy Balls , I used to fantasize winning the lottery and a delivery truck would come and deliver a carport full of them. To this day, when I find one, I can't help my self but to bounce it as hard as I can and feel that giggeling joy as it soars far far away!

6. I'm a fanatic with having my lip balm. I always have one in my pocket, ( now it's the cherry flavored Carmax one which taste really good after eating chocolate covered almonds) I've been know to turn the car around if I forgot it. The thought of going a whole day with out something
on lips will get me into a panic.

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Lori said...

uh~oh, you have tagged one if the worst girls in all of blogland...yes, she is very bad about completing tags...that would be me...i had to laugh about your #6 because i am that way with my blistex, i have a tube for each purse and one on the kitchen counter...i PANIC if i can't find it!!! aka a "blistex meltdown" LOL!!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Fun tag Michelle.
Love the lip balm one.

Donna Layton said...

Oh my.....I have both the magazine quirk and the carmex quirk. However, my carmex must be the regular kind with the yellow lid in the little white jar. I went into a complete panic when they changed the jar from glass to plastic. It didn't make the same clink sound. Then they removed alum from the ingredients and I thought it might ruin my life. I bought up all the alum laced carmex I could find. Fortunately, the absense of alum doesn't seem to change the effect it has on my lips. If I get caught out without carmex, I stop and buy some. Can't really talk without it.

vivian said...

I havent been by in a bit it seems! but I'm here now, I had a few extra minutes this morning and thought Id visit a few places! I got a good giggle out of your post about the bouncing bouncy balls as high as you can! I just got a cute picture in my mind and it made me giggle!
I also have to tell you that I do the same thing with expiration dates and magazines! isnt that funny..
have a sweet week!


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