Monday, October 20, 2008

A Little Bit of "Spooky" Fun!

~ I'm a 'tad' late in posting for Vanessa's Halloween party as it was a busy weekend!
We had a blast at CA Adventures Halloween party and my costumes turned out great, but I forgot to take pics...I promise on Halloween!
We skipped going to Oak Glen on Saturday since we were all pooped from Friday night and plan on going the first weekend of November. We won't be so rushed then and can relax and have some country bumpkin fun!
Here are some pics of my deco's. I played around with photo shop a bit to make them a little extra spooky!

I can't wait to visit all the other blogs that played along with the party!

I just love this spooky sign! On top is my collection of Wish Bones.
I keep them on hand in the kitchen in case I need a extra wish or two!

I am extremely unhappy with the quality of spider web I found at 3 seperate stores! This was the best I could do. If you know where I can find high quality web for next year, do tell!
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