Thursday, October 9, 2008

Scrapbook Retreat 2008!

~ So here are the long awaited photo's and re-cap from the Scrapbook Retreat I went on at the end of September! It was hosted by Croppin' Away and held at the Breathtaking
La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs, CA.!

Please click on any photo for a better view!
Here's what I packed. My suitcase and trusty pillow. A small cooler with Margarita fixins and my decorated rolling tote that had my Cricut and cartridges.

Everyone that came contributed to our groups goodie bags, and let me tell you, they were stuffed FULL!

~ here's what I brought which may seem like alot but definately pared down from last year which was my first craft retreat.

Teresa's car was packed full of her's , mine and Anne's stuff. Good thing we did not have a fourth person and good thing we did not have to fly!

Having a early Friday lunch with all the girls but one at a pizza place in Palm Desert.

~ all the goodies we gave each other plus some from the retreat organizers!

Friday night out, we had dinner at Hogs breath inn and all wore the mini tiara's I put in the goodie bags. The resteraunt people thought we were part of a bridal shower while back in the crop hall, all the lady's gushed over our tiara's and acted like we were royalty! It made us feel like true craft diva's.

`Here's a overall view of the crop hall. lot's of creative women having a blast!

~ this is my creative station.

~here's the pool by our room and here's are beds that we shared.

~ This was our bungalow. If it were cooler, I'd have gone swimming, but it was so hot, like someone left the oven open, all day , even up till 11pm!

Sunday morning breakfast.

Myself, Jaymie, Teresa and Anne

OMG! I actually scrapped! Been awhile though, as I'm always working on side projects!

I'm in LOVE with Costco's new photo upload process that allows me to upload 30 pics to a 12x16 sheet and it makes my pics diffrent sizes which allows me to 1.- fit them all on one Lay Out and 2.- have a more interesting story to tell!

-group pic in the crop hall.
Kimber, Anne, Jaymie, Teresa, Me , and Kathy.
`made this desk caddy as a demo for a free class for the group, be we never got around to making it. So I gave this to the retreat organizer. The actual caddy is made from one 12x12 sheet of card stock and decorated with scraps. I'll post the tuitorial soon!

~ I also made up all the scrapboxes you see in my shop, minus the stampin decorations.

~ Here's a craft apron I made for myself from a tea towel. I made it by hand as my sewing machine needed cleaning and I could not take it in to be serviced in time before the retreat.
~ On the way home, Teresa, Anne and I stopped off to see the "Worlds Largest Dinosaurs" a treat I look forward to when coming back from any Palms Springs Retreat!

Yes, the eye is really glowing red!
So that's it! I showed a few out of the 133 photo's that "I" took!
Can't wait till next year!


Anonymous said...

looks like a real blast. love the scrapping you did.

Debby said...

I'm excited you had a really great time. I love your caddy. I wanted to do a make-n-take tomorrow. I think I will make a Halloween one. Thanks for the inspriation.

Pinky said...

have one of those tutorials on my blog too!! love em

Rosemary said...

Looked like a fun time Michelle!!
I have stayed there, it's really nice.
Have a great week!

MamaSheg said...

How fun!!

Anonymous said...

I have stayed there, it's really nice.
Thank you very much for sharing.
I have read some of your post and I really enjoyed reading it.
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