Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to You!

It dawned on me Yesterday as I realized I had forgotten my Dad's Birthday, (Oct.6) that I've fallen behind on Birthdays.
And I used to be so good!
I have a great book that I found at Melanies Hallmark years ago that lets me put people's b-day, addy's, plus pockets for cards.
Those were the days before I even thought of making a hand made card!
( btw-if any of you were "Different Strokes" fans Melanie was the common guest in the wheel chair. Her parents named their San Juan Capistrano, CA. hallmark shop after her. I used to see her in the shop from time to time helping out)
So on to the book.
I'm more of a visual person , and with my passion for Atc's I thought of starting a Birthday ATC book!
I keep all my Atc's in a binder using trading card pages.
I can seperate the pages by tabs with months. I'm going to make up the cards for close friends and family members but would like some from all my Blogging friends too!
I know I already have a few of your b-day's but to help me out could you please make me a Atc?I'll send you one of mine as well!
ATC's are 2 1/2" X 3 1/2". Same as a base ball card or any other trading card.
If you would like to send me one...

Please put on the front:
A picture of you and your B-date

On the back:
Your mailing address (legible)

blog (if you have one)

things you like...!

If interested...e-mail @ and I'll give you my mailing addy!


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