Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Calendar Girl ATC's

~ Recently I participated in a "clever " ATC swap through my fellow Fiskateers.
The theme was Calendars.
We each took a month, I chose February.
On the backs we added a mini calendar and made it flip up showing our contact info underneath.
* Of course, my ATC's were anything but boring!
~ Above is what I sent in...
~ Below is what I recieved...

~Front and back...

I wanted to show off one of the cards someone made beacuse I liked how they took a simple piece of red twine and knotted it through the card to look like a bikini!

~ This is ATC book from all my swaps last year.
It's quite full. It's where I go when I need inspiration for a card, tag or LO.
~ Here is one of the Halloween swaps, you can see why I love to look at them , it's like having my own "idea book"!

~ When ever I participate in a swap, I usually make a extra for me in the case I don't get one back. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.
~ This one is mine.
Looks much better in person!
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