Friday, April 16, 2010

Etsy Spotlight - Nicole Charshaf of Ncharfshaf's

Please welcome this month's Etsy Spotlight!

Hello, my name is Nicole Charshaf, 
 I currently reside in Northern California. 
I graduated college a little under a year ago

where I studied Graphic and Web Design.
It was in college that I fell in love with bookbinding,

leading me to where I am today.
I am so content with the fact that

I am now able to make a living off of being creative,
through my profession and my hobby.
I grew up being inspired by my Grandmother

who is an abstract artist.
I would spend a lot of time out at her studio

with her exploring
different creative avenues.
I always knew I wanted to explore
my creativity for a living,
but was not sure which direction I would take.
I am inspired by everything around me.

I love clean lines, bright colors, and polka dots.
My hand bound creations
allow me to collect graphical prints that inspire me,
and turn them into something practical.
Here are some blogs that I frequent:
Redding Handmade Blog:
a blog for my local etsy team
featuring articles for lots of different members.

Decor8 Blog
A lovely design blog where

I could sit for hours just looking at the
pictures. There is something about the quality

of each and every photo
on the site that exudes joy.

DIY Ideas
This site never fails to make

me want to get up and do a
quick project
to improve my house.

There are so many creative ideas on here
that I never would have thought of.

Paper Crave
Beautiful blog featuring all things paper

Smashing Magazine
While this website normally falls

more towards inspiring my graphic
and web design

, it does have some fantastic
showcases of designs from
all around the world,

and many different disciplines from fine art, to
poster design and typography.

If you would like a chance to win this set of colorful note cards, hand bound journal and decorative envelopes, please visit her shop here, and then come back and tell me your favorite!

If You or someone you know has a Etsy shop and would like to be featured on my blog...
1. Your shop must be current
2. Once accepted, you'll featured on a 3rd Friday of a month,
and will be visible on my blog for the whole time.
3. You'll need to mail me 2 good quality shop samples
4. I will handle the shipping of the "won" item to your winner.
5. In the case I don't have a seller to spotlight,
the current seller will have a extra month.

Interested? Have questions? E-mail me!
International Welcome!
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