They are Here! Alice in Wonderland Charms!

Well here they are!
And in route (as we speak)
to all the amazing charm making participants that joined in,
making this the best swap ever!

I picked "Alice in Wonderland" to be the theme ~ to honor the recent Tim Burton film and to rekindle my love of a favorite and timeless reading classic.
I hope you will be inspired, enjoying all the charms...

For mine, I did two.
I took a few rolls of quarters,some shiny pennies and used a "Alice" penny press at Disneyland. Dyllan and I go to D-land often, living close is a plus and so does having passes.
I painted Alice's dress with permanent pens and stickles and then did a light coat of glaze.
(they look so much better in person!)

The 2nd set was a afterthought in case everyone hated the first set...Yes, I had my doubts once all the other charms came pouring in...
I used acrylic charms and adhered a simple clip art image to it, sealing with gold leafing pen and glaze.

***Don't copy any photo's with out my permission. thanks.***

Everyone received fun clip art and studio stash

all wrapped up in tulle to look like this...

Now on to the rest of the artist!
This trio was made by Barbara Moore
of Arizona

"I'm late" is by Diana Pohl from California, (she's a WCC)

The Cheshire Cat is from Wanda Stivison
of Ohio

Angela Hoffman created this rose and paint brush from Michigan

These vintage delights were made by Valerie Myers
from here in California

Glenda Hart of Oregon made these delicate rose charms,

and Sue Kruse also from California, once again wowed us with her Original Art!

From overseas is Sheri Leseberg with these upcycled Alice charms!

From Georgia Shelly Rae Wood made these super cute charms attaching them to equally cute mini playing cards!

Sandra Stivison of Ohio made up these "Drink Me" bottles. So charm perfect!

Another WCC member in California, Dawn Freedain
made these "Off with their Heads" hearts.

and this Red Queen was completely hand created by Mahala Elliot
of Oregon!

Another amazing creation, by Michelle Betaudier...doesn't it look yummy?
She is also from California!

Gemma Manzo made this fantastic heart face...so edgy..from Arizona.

Melinda Nikkel created these mushrooms by hand and firing in her kiln.
They really added to the theme. And she lives in California..also a WCC member!

Victoria Sturdevant of Washington made up these charms with mica and beautiful beads.

Marissa Wong from Ontario did a fabulous job making up these charms!
The round ones had mirrors on the back too!

From New Jersey, Stacy Antonelle made these elegant charms.

Gracie Rios surprised me with cleverly sewn felt charms, all the way from Mexico!

Ashani Samuel of Illinois hand made the colorful cup and saucer

Connie Williams from Hawaii made this charm from her art work!

Charity Donaldson of Tennessee made up these two sided acrylic charms. So fun!

Carol Hoffmann of Washington created this adorable pocket watch charm,
"Rabbit" would be proud!

Bianca Gaspard of Nebraska made this beautiful rose charm, gorgeous colors!

So that's it. Did you enjoy your journey? Are you inspired? I hope so!
If you have been following my past Charm Swaps, you may recognize some of these girls as they participate here and there.
The next Charm Swap will be announced at the beginning of June.
It's going to be another Fantastic theme. And I hope you'll be watching for it!

*** WCC stand for "West Coast Croppers"
It's a Scrapbook / Altered-Art / Everything crafty group I have here in Southern California.
I've had since January 2005 and we have 35 members. We meet 2-3 times per month to share idea's and create art...whether it be scrapbooking, card making or just stuff. The group is private but open to those that live locally. If you'll be visiting Southern California- Orange County, anytime in the future... contact me...we'd love for you to attend as a guest!

ALSO...don't forget that this Wednesday is part 2 of Eileen Hull's "Sizzix" Blog Hop Party!

See you soon!


Anonymous said...

the charms are all adorable! wish I had the time for that one..maybe next time! cher in MI

Scrapfaire said...

FANTASTIC!! I can't wait to see them in person. GREAT job everyone!!!


How exciting! I can hardly wait to touch them! I will have to run over to the post office this morning in hopes that they will be there already! I can hardly wait for Sandy to see them!

Sherry said...

Oh Michelle, I sooooo wish I'd joined in now - although I doubt I could have made anything as nice as these beautiful charms! Love the way you've wrapped yours too. Maybe I can join in with your next one.

Gracie "Neky White" said...

all the charms are just beautiful!! I feel my charms out of context ¡_¡

I can't wait to see them in person!! XD . Excellent work everyone ^^

Vic said...

I'm so excited to get mine! They look great.

lavendarrose29 said...

WOW Everyones charms are amazing. I love them all. Thanks for sharing.

laterg8r said...

wowser, these are all fantastic :D

MarissaDW said...

Wow, they are all so charming....lovely work by all. I can't wait to get my charms. Michelle thanks again for hosting the swap.


I am so blown away! I wish I had know about this swap! Not only are your charms to die for ...everyone did such amazing charms. These bracelets will be the envy of every woman ... and little girl that sees them!!!

stacycakes said...

i cant wait to get mine!!!!!

NickiLee said...

Hi Michelle!
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment.... it now gives me a chance to check out what you are up to.

What a fun swap these charms must have been - they all look like they were a blast to make. I've just spent the last hour reading through your blog - fun fun fun and girl, you are into everything! Love it! Will have to keep you as one of my favorites so I can keep up with you.

An ex-CA gal,

Nicki Lee

fans of alice in wonderland on facebook said...

very twee! Love all the stuff on here,you may find my fan page on facebook of interest to you,thanks for sharing with us.

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