Friday, April 23, 2010

Madness is Genius

I just LOVE this, don't you?
Cat is giving away this your choice of this sign or another here on her blog on May 1st!

On another note, I want to apologize for not being really active with posting my usual art right now. I do have a ton of stuff to share...all artsy, I do! Really. It's just that my I'm distracted, and as soon as I get a thought, any thought, I lose it.

Dyllan, who will be 6 at the end of this July has been tested for peanuts and has been declared allergic. This last Wednesday through a series of freak moments he had a reaction. I gave him a child benadryl which seemed to help, but then threw up twice and I questioned myself to give him the epi pen because I was unsure of what was all happening. It was all a crazy accident that wound him in the ER for 5 hours.
He's fine now. All clear. But I'm not. I always knew this day would come and now I'm on edge.
I chitchatted with the school nurse letting her know what happened and promised that next time (when the reaction will be much worse) I won't hesitate with the epi pen. She gave me useful tips and said he can wear a bracelet that's lets people know to react quickly if I'm not present...and now I need to really read food labels because when he says he can't breathe, I have to know what he's been eating.
OK. I'm going to stop now. Sorry for the depressing ramble. I'm a newbie at this. And I'm asking for the advice of Mom's who have gone through the same and can help me out.
Thanks. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle.. oh goodness... poor child.. I have a 6 year old boy myself..and being a nurse I totally feel your pain!! Best advice is.. keep the pen handy..let the schools for class snacks and all or when parents bring in items for a childs birthday they all know there is a peanut allergy... I am sure there is some fun.."cool" bracelet that would be fun for a young boy to wear..I will put my feelers out..
ps...thanks for the props!

Carysa said...

Junior also has allergies but to eggs. He recently had some on accident even though we have known he is allergic since he was 1 but he got a runny nose and hives and itchy. It's not fun and I totally feel for you.

Laume said...

My daughter's friend Shanon has a daughter who is extremely allergic to many things, including nuts. I'm sure she'd be willing to connect with you, she's very nice. You'd have to friend her over on Facebook (Shanon Taylor (Shanon OConnor)) - that's my only contact connection to share with you.


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