Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Secret Garden.....

View looking down to the end where "Tuck" our Desert Tortoise lives...
This hydrangea merged to be a blue last year when it was supposed to be pink. I gave it some special food during the winter, maybe too much!
Now, I don't know what happened here. This is a Yellow blooming plant and out of the blue -
I get a pink one? :)
My fox gloves are out growing their window pots! Still beautiful to look at from inside out!
Natural does wonderful art....
My faerie garden at the base of my lime tree. :)
All my "edible's" in a row....
The rose bush on the far left is my Mr. Lincoln. The other three (if you can believe it) started off as small miniature table top roses from Trader Joes! I have a pink one, burgundy and bright yellow! That on the right is my Peppermint Geranium and if you are ever in the area, stop by...I'll give you cuttings that take right to the soil!
These foxgloves are now as high as my waist!
Yes...I know it's overgrow...but I love it. It's my secret garden!
Happy Weekend and Happy Mothers Day!
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