Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Living Desert

For spring break, on April 7thth 2010, Dyllan and I went to my Mom's in Borrego for a few Days. On one of those days the three of us hopped in my card, cruised through the bad lands, made a left at Salton sea and arrived here, at the Living Desert!

I think by far my favorite was the Butterfly and hummingbird area!

and this bench!

Inside a glass window hung the cocoons, waiting to hatch. And here see a newly hatched one drying it's wings before taking flight.

The place is amazing! All sorts of animals from sleeping cheetahs to Giraffe families.

This is a African desert tortoise. HUGE! He lived in a Cave, and really moved fast!

Above I found a nest in a thorny tree, and below is a model train yard
that delighted all three of us.
The flowers looked like they have been painted by little faerie hands too!

Another nest and Dyllan posing in front of the state of the art Animal Hospital.

If you do decide to go to the Living desert, pay the few extra dollars for unlimited rides on the tram- takes you where you need to go and is a nice change from walking, also you can get to visit the Butterfly's all you want!
Here I am, self posing in Borrego Springs, CA.

I took a little time to myself to find some wild flowers like I did last year,
But I was a month late and as you can see behind me, most of them were done.
But I did go hunting and found some in remote area's and on sides of roads...

The barrel cactus flowers are from the visitor center.

This Ocotillo was taken near my Mom's house.

This is the bad lands that we drove through earlier and then flowers from the visitor center.

Kitchen window view at my Mom's and Dyllan relaxing in the pool. :)

* If you would like to share any of my photo's with friends please do not copy with out my permission. Thank You. :)*


stacycakes said...

gorgeous pictures michelle!...i especially love the butterflies and cocoons...we have caterpillars in my class right now,making cocoons...sucha natural wonder!!! thanks for sharing-stacy

Buffi said...

Gorgeous! We had an amazing wild flower season here. I still see a lot of Lupine and Ocotillo.

Cameron said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! Great photos!

The butterfly metamorphosis process still amazes me :)


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