Friday, May 28, 2010

I love Artichokes! Don't You?

Isn't this a beauty? Straight off my Artichoke plant!
Bigger and tastier than any you'll find in a store!
Here is the plant in my yard. With another "just" about ready to be eaten!
Maybe tonight!
And look... another still growing right next to it!
See here, a "wee" baby artichoke on it's way to culinary heaven!
The weight of the plant gets really heavy while growing,
so I have to tether it to the fence to keep it from breaking.
After I steam my artichoke, I like to make a dip of mayo, fresh squeezed lemon juice, salt and cracked pepper. The one on the top of the post was devoured by both Dyllan and I...after I told him that it taste just like asparagus (a favorite of his)!
Sometimes after steaming, I'll make a mixture of bread crumbs, butter, salt, pepper, fresh pressed garlic a little mozzarella cheese and newly grated Parmesan cheese.
I then stuff that mixture into every cavity of the artichoke and broil till it's golden brown and gooey. Oh so yum!

~ So...what do you do with your steamed artichokes?


Colleen said...

Believe it or not, I have never had an artichoke, but you make them sound really yummy, especially because I love asparagus

Cameron said...

Yum, Michelle! I haven't tried growing those doesn't look to hard? I'm in Anaheim, so we have the same climate.

Is it in the ground or in a pot? Anyhoo, just a bit of melted salted butter for me!

We have some cherry tomatoes just starting to turn red...those are good right off the vine...POP, right into my daughter's mouth :o)

Neky White said...

I've never tasted artichokes! , yours looks beautiful and delicious... by the way... "artichokes" is a funny word ^^, in spanish the name is "alcachofa"

Display Centres said...

That sounds very delicious. Yum! Your artichokes looks so healthy and well taken care of.


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