Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Vintage Flea Market Finds

A couple of Sundays ago, I took a day to myself and went here.
The weather was perfect, I brought water and cookies to snack on and found the following wonderful things!
Pretty french trim...

vintage clear plastic clips....

a copper jello mold to add to my collection plus to use for upcoming Holidays...
just imagine the layered possibilities!

This quaint little vintage ashtray, (I don't smoke) but I love the cottage look...will add to my faerie houses, maybe burn a little incense and watch the smoke curl out of the chimney?

I could not resist when I found my name on this vintage tin bike plate
and with these wonderful blocks!

The "Lets Play" will add fun to the studio...don't you think? :)

And one for Dyllan's room... :)

At $1 a piece, these old iron gate ornaments were hard to resist.
I plan to add them to the garden...maybe glitter up one or two...

and my favorite...I finally found a vintage flea market cart! There was a lady there selling those high end newer models with big rubber wheels and cup holders...but I wanted vintage...and I found it! I'm going to add a few fun things plus make a wonderful liner.....aaaah so happy :)

I actually spent nearly 5 hours there, slowly going up the aisles.
The place is huge! But worth the fun and room for lots of day dreaming...


laterg8r said...

such fun finds, love that trim :D

Shelly said...

Oooooh as a ribbon and trim hoarder that was a good find my dear!

Loving the Cart too! One MUST have a proper "Junking" Cart! Ooooh,,,I'm creating my packing list for FARM CHICKS next weekend in Spokane, WA,,,,,I almost forgot MY cart! Thanks for the reminder!!!

Looks like you had a fun time!


Debby said...

How fun and yummy~~~

Linda said...

Hi, What amazing finds. Love to go to things like that. No flee markets here. Oh so sad. Lots of junk shops though. Saturdays are my day to go. Thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

AWESOME FINDS! love the trims :)
I collect copper molds and other kitchen stuff. You are the only other person I have met that says they collect these. I think I might have a duplicate of one...I'll have to check.

I have a cart i bought in philly in 1998, it is newer, just coated wire...NEVER saw one with cup!

Have fun :)
Susan (in NJ)


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