Mothers Day at The Getty

For Mothers Day this year went to The Getty Museum in Los Angeles. I had grown up going to the one in Malibu. This trip marked my second time to the one in LA. The first being when it 1st opened and there was absolutely no gardens or greenery. You park in a underground structure and then take a computer operated tram up the long winding hill.
(feel free to click on photo's for close up's!)

Admission is FREE to the Getty, but you pay $15 per car. - so load up!

Brian and Dyllan

love that larger than life push pin.

The place is huge, so it's recommended to arrive early so you don't have to wait in lines later to access special galleries. Above I found a room where they gave you paper and charcoal to sketch the art. I loved how the sky lights rotated through out the day, casting new light on some of the art works.

The chandelier on the right was beautiful and slightly functional...the crystal bowl on the bottom once held gold fish!

In the main lobby, grab some head phones - $5 so you gain better insight about the pieces as you walk through. Also watch the short introduction film available. Very interesting!

below are two of the most wonderful beds I've ever seen up close.
The one on the left had a beautiful golden crown on the top and the one on the right was considered the largest bed known.

I absolutely adored the gardens and the breath taking views.

The following 4 photo's are by my husband, Brian J. Cummings.

The walk down the hill to the car was a breeze, saving waiting in line for the tram.
entranced by the conveyor belt that takes your dirty dishes away for you...

over looking the beautiful garden.

The whole museum was dream for me but a little bit over kill for 5 year old Dyllan. I think it might have been nice if they had a artsy kid friendly play ground. But over all it was a nice day!

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Cameron said...

Beautiful pics...Dylan is so cute!

You are brave, I have a 4 year old, and I wouldn't dream of taking her... kill Mommy's Artsy Buzz..haha!

The garden is especially lovely...I have seen it, but it was about 5 years ago...looks more lush now!


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