Friday, August 20, 2010

Almost done with Summer (Home) Projects....

I just wanted to fill you in as to where I've been lately.
After my big all month vacation in July, We have been busy prepping and painting our Dining room, Kitchen , downstairs bathroom and Dyllan's upstairs bathroom!

As of today we are done. All the touch ups are completed and today I will be using my handy dandy shark steam cleaner to clean up the mess. We made the bathrooms a pretty blue, which is fitting since we are 20 minutes away from the beach! I hope to create some themed decorations soon!

The dining area and Kitchen are a light green, similar to avocado. I love it! It brings the outside "in" and goes well with our light oak colored cabinets and dining table.

Doing all this painting came at the right time as of last month we got a new fridge, washer dryer, installed lights over the dining table and now (as of last Wed) a new dishwasher! I was almost starting to panic when I realized I had to bring all my junk back in to the house from the garage but reminded myself that I don't have to put everything back where it was before.
I will sort out what I never used for our end of the month HUGE garage sale and enjoy the new color with the old stuff!
Please come back soon to see photo's once it's all back into place!
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